Welcome to Haasbot 2.1. We are pleased to announce that we are releasing this somewhat major update! There are quite a few changes as well as the much anticipated integration with the whiteserver network. This release also addresses the issues that users had with Cryptsy, so you guys should be good to with this.

In addition, we are going to start powering on with more beta builds for Haasbot 2.1.1, so get ready beta testing team! We have very ambitious plans, such as speeding up the price polling to around 1 second. This will be an option, as it will require more CPU resources, but we will finally be able to allow users to do some real time trading with haasbot! This is a big step for us and it will push our whiteserver network to the limit 🙂 We would also like to announce that we have gotten half of the exchanges we support to whitelist our whiteservers, which will enable us to get going with real time trading. I cannot give an ETA on this yet, but thats the direction we are heading. We will also be adding orderbook data for the marketview page, as well as for the trade bots, so you will have everything you need to do manual trades via the marketview page.

[Exchanges] TestAPI removed (please use the SandboxAPI instead)
[Exchanges] Virtex support dropped
[Arbitrage-bot] On request the default response is set to stop the bot if a arbitrage-route fails
[FrameWork] Native price tracking made optional to use
[Indicator] CCI made available for Simple licenses
[Indicator] IchimokuClouds made available for Simple licenses
[Marketview] Left side has undergone a complete transformation. (we added Lines, Fibonacci Fans and Fibonacci Resentment for now)

New features:
[Framework] Push price server implemented (and activated by default)
[Arbitrage-bot] Option added to select what to do at failed arbitrage trading route
[Indicator] (P)SAR added
[Indicator] Bollinger Bands added
[Indicator] SlowRSI added (this is a SMA over an RSI)
[Indicator] FastRSI added (this is a EMA over an RSI)
[Indicator] WeightedRSI added (this is a WMA over an RSI)
[Dashboard] All the lights are now clickable. They will lead you to the cause of the light.
[Dashboard] Extended filter with a sort function (A-Z & Z-A)
[Dashboard] Bots are now draggable. Function can be enabled in the filter-popup

[Framework] Several CPU load reductions done
[Framework] Chart data is partially upgraded
[Indicator] StochRSI upgraded (both lengths made adjustable)
[Indicator] Script-indicator upgraded

Bug fixes:
[Exchange] Bittrex Order Tracking is fixed.
[Pairs] Bitfinex supported pairs re-aligned
[Interface] Default login text added to login
[Indicator] Script-indicator charts
[Dashboard] Order Bot display will load now.

– More translations will be added soon.
– Script-bots will be added soon.
– Trend insurances

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

~ Haasonline Software Team

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