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Haasbot 2.1.4 has been released!


We have released Haasbot 2.1.4 which is a very minor release. It is the same as Haasbot 2.1.3 but with the new coins added to it. We hope that you guys enjoy it and are getting ready for the massive update that will be coming in a few weeks, which is Haasbot 2.2. Everyone must update to Haasbot 2.1.4, as there is a DRM update in this as well.

New coins added: Cbx, Cin, Doged, Zrc, Sup, Lyp, Ecach, Gsm, Wbb, Xco, Ilt, Mtr, Risk, Vnl, Lyb, Mine, Asn, Ldoge, Omc, Zirg, Xdb and Dash.

As always, let us know if you encounter any issues please let us know!

~ Haasonline Software Team