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Drag-and-drop your own crypto algos, no manual coding requirednew

Our visual editor combined with HaasScript allows you to rapidly create, backtest, and deploy your scripts across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in minutes, not hours.

Develop custom technical indicators, automated trading strategies, safeties, and insurances to take advantage of volatile cryptocurrency market conditions.

Haasonline is essential to my trades. So many unique features not seen anywhere else. Always evolving, shaping the future of trading: Their visionary Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor takes coding out of creating a custom bot. So engaging and fun. AMAZING.
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  • Power

    Design your own crypto algos with our Visual Editor, which leverages the latest generation of HaasScript.

  • Convenience

    Develop and thoroughly test your scripts performance with historical market data without coding.

  • Speed

    Rapidly design and deploy scripts on top crypto exchanges with exceptional speed and efficiency.

  • Reliability

    Rely on our global infrastructure with failover and disaster recovery for price data and accessibility.

  • Flexibility

    Build your own, leverage our pre-built solutions, browse the marketplace for third-party solutions.

  • Access

    Manage the platform from anywhere with your desktop, laptop or tablet when using remote access.

  • Drag-and-Drop Design

    Produce executable strategies by piecing together intuitive building blocks that convert to well-tested code. Design complex trading strategies with the 500+ visual blocks, which include mathematical, charting, price data, trade actions, and much more.

  • Backtest, Paper Trade & Debug

    Design and thoroughly test your scripts with historical market data using our robust backtesting engine. Go deeper than ever before with the Visual Editor’s compile and detailed debug reports.

  • Deploy with Confidence

    Quickly and efficiently launch your visually designed scripts, edit and modify logic, update user-defined variables and monitor trade activity. Our products are integrated with dozens of crypto exchanges leveraging the newest API available.

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  • All New HaasScript

    We've completely rewritten HaasScript to be the most advanced crypto trading scripting language available. Use it to create technical indicators, automated trade bots, and more. HaasScript comes packaged with over five hundred commands, providing users with all the tools needed to create robust scripts.

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1. HaasOnline Trade Server is available for purchase through our online store. Downloading our software requires an account and an active license that is compatible with the restrictions required for each feature in our software.