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Our Automated Crypto Trading Platform Features

Platform Benefits

We utilize the latest technology to provide you with the right set of tools to trade the way you want to, while protecting your investments in extremely volatile markets. We also pride ourselves on constant release of software updates.

    Automated Trading with HaasBots

    Trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year when you automate your crypto trading strategy with HaasBots.

    Indicators, Safeties, and Insurances

    HaasBots can use technical indicators like RSI, MACD, and Fibonacci. As well as proprietary Safeties and Insurances to keep your investments safe.

    Historical & Real-time Backtesting

    Use historical and real-time data to simulate your custom HaasBot's trade strategies and see how your HaasBot performs in different market conditions.

    Auto-Tune Settings

    Try our auto-tune feature for indicators and safeties to see which settings are working best for a specific period of time.

    Advanced Notifications & Reporting

    Stay up to date on what your HaasBots are doing by integrating our software directly with Telegram. Watch live updates on profits, losses and other trade data.

    No Hidden Fees or Restrictions

    There's no extra fees for number of orders placed, you have access to all our supported exchanges, and we don't take a percentage of your profits.

    Developer Friendly

    HaasBot supports fully programmable script bots, which are written in C#. This allows you to use our framework and develop fully customized bots that work exactly how you want them to!

    Growing Community

    Join the community on our forums or share settings and trade strategies on our telegram channel. Watch our tutorials, take a course, or get support from our professional support staff.

Crypto Trading Bots

Our crypto trading bots come with a wide range of pre-built trading strategies to help you quickly and easily begin using our cryptocurrency trading software.

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Supported Exchanges

We natively support all the major cryptocurrency exchanges. Our cryptocurrency trading software can easily be adapted for unsupported exchanges utilizing our API driver.

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Insurances can be used with Safeties and Indicators to create complex strategies. Our diverse selection of insurances are proprietary blends of conditions that must be met in order to execute buy or sell orders on your exchange.

System Requirements

These are the minimum hardware requirements for our software to run smoothly.

    Windows (Recommended)

    • Version: Windows 7 or later
    • Memory: 4GB RAM or better
    • Processor: 32 or 64-bit Quad core from Intel® or AMD® (2GHz or better)
    • Storage: 1GB HD space or more
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection (required)

    Linux and macOS

    • macOS Version: Mojave or later
    • Memory: 4GB RAM or better
    • Processor: 32 or 64-bit Quad core from Intel® or AMD® (2GHz or better)
    • Storage: 1GB HD space or more
    • Mono Framework: Version 5.x or higher (required) | Download
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection (required)

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