Get more out of your Haasbot platform

The Haasbot is a powerful tool, but like any powertool one needs to know to wield it in order to get the most out of it. For almost half a decade we have been building documentation, wiki’s and video tutorials in order to learn cryptotraders to get most out of the Haasbot.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our helpdesk gets asked a lot of questions. To make life a bit easier we have created a list of the most commonly asked questions and responses. We highly suggest checking here before putting in a support ticket as the answer may have already been answered.

The most frequent asked questions (FAQ)


Haasbot contains its own updated and maintained wiki. Here we document every aspect of the Haasbot ranging from the pre-built custom bots to the newly added Haas Scripting language.

Haasonline Wikipedia



In order to help newcomers to our software have a solid foundation. We have created a serious of video tutorials to help guide users through the use of our software.

Haasonline tutorial videos


Having documentation is one thing. However due to the vast amounts of questions and possible scenarios that can occur we cannot cover everything. To help fill in the gaps we have a forum where anyone in the community is free to ask and answer questions.

Please note: You need to register yourself on the forum, this is not done by us for privacy reasons. You also need to PM one of the admins to ask for access to the hidden parts.

Haasonline Forum