How to contact us

At Haasonline we like to be in touch with our community of cryptotraders. We like to know what you think of our solutions and what kinds of things keep you awake at night. Based on your feedback we will keep improving and expanding the Haasbot.

Here are a number of ways to reach out to us. Posing questions is just a part of your discovery process to get the most out of the powerful trading tools we offer. Use the channel that bests suits your needs. Do not hold back, ask us anything you like to know.

Sales and Support questions

Chat: Fast answers from our cryptotrading community

You have a question and you want answers. Most of the questions are in fact quite easy to answer. Haasonline’s telegram group was created to not only facilitate giving real time support for our users but also to create a helpful community to assist new comers to the software. Staff and user’s alike hangout in this room ready to assist in any questions or problems you might have. Join the cryptotrading community and start learning how to get the most out of your Haasbot.

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Forum: For in depth tradebot discussions

When subjects require a bit more discussion, or for topics that would better be tracked on a post by post format we have an active forum where in depth discussions can occur.

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Documentation: Get the most out of your Haasbot

The Haasbot is a powerful tool, but like any powertool one needs to know to wield it in order to get most out of it. For almost half a decade we have been building documentation, wiki’s and video tutorials in order to learn cryptotraders to get most out of the Haasbot.

Discover here what more there is to learn about Haasbot

Direct message

For all other issues that cannot be solved by the community or issues that require confidentiality you can contact us directly using the link below. This is used when discussing issues regarding license’s, affiliation, partnerships and other topics in which you would prefer to remain private.

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Social media


Stay up to date with the latest and greatest features being developed and released by the Haasonline Development Team.

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Prefer to get all your news through Facebook. Like or follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with us and find individuals who are also using the Haasbot software.

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Interested in finding more about the company and those involved? Feel like sharing your use of Haasbot on a more professional social media site.? Want to connect with our members of our team to create partnerships? Follow us on LinkedIn.

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Careers and internships

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Do you share a similar passion?

Haasonlines mission to help everybody become successfully in the crypto currency markets. Although this mission is large our passion for this technology keeps us moving forward. We enjoy helping others and find pride in seeing the success of individuals who utilize our software. When it comes to this business a happy customer is what makes it worthwhile.

Unlike other companies in this space Haasonline is special in the sense that we have a different kind of motivation. Where others are there to simply make money, we want our users to be successful in their own ventures into this market space. This means we need people who fit with our team and who can identify with our similar mission, vision and values.

Do you think you are a good fit? Do you identify with our core mission and have a similar passion for crypto currency and trading in today’s volatile markets? If you do write us a message and we will get back to you. Haasonline is always looking for the latest talent to join our team to continue building the software we and others want to use.

How to Apply:
Write us a message using the link below. Tell us a little about yourself, a few projects you have done and your current experience within this market place. Please also do not forget to tell us what you can bring to Haasonline to help us to fulfill our mission.

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