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    posted 3 years ago
    by Cosmos
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    In this quick and simple guide we will be going through the steps of using macOS Automator to create a reusable menu item. This automator task will restart Mono and HaasOnline Trade Server with a couple clicks, instead of manually opening terminal and running a series of commands.

    Step 1. Launch Automator

    So, open Automator. I prefer to use spotlight search for that purpose like so.

    Step 2. Create New File

    Then create a new file with the document type set to "Quick Action".

    Step 3. Create Shell Command

    Then on the left hand side select utilities, and from the appeared list, select and drag "Run Shell Script" to gray area on the right. Where it says Workflow receives current select no input.

    Step 4. Configure Shell Command

    On macOS the HaasOnline Trade Server application ( process always has the same name that starts with the word mono. Using "pkill" is a terminal app that shuts down processes, so write "pkill mono". This way HTS will be shutdown. Then hit return and type "open" on a new line followed by spacebar.

    Following that, to quickly add the application location just drag-and-drop to the same line, make sure there is a space between the app and the open command.

    Step 5. Save and Name

    All that’s left is to save this newly created quick action via the file menu. Give it a name, like "Restart Haas" and that's it!


    We hope this quick and simple guide improves your experience while using HaasOnline Trade Server on macOS.

    If you enjoyed this guide, want to give feedback, or have comments please post them down below.

    — Cosmos

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