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    HaasOnline Trade Server requires .NET framework to function on Windows.  MacOS however, requires the use of the Mono framework. Mono was created by the community, but Microsoft has taken over the development. Microsoft is very likely working towards 1 solution for all.  Mono is the leading cause of HTS issues and problems on macOS.

    In case HTS is not starting, or keeps showing "Connecting..." on the web interface, it is very likely that Mono is the reason.

    • We recommend the use of the latest stable version of Mono
    • We also recommend the use of Google Chrome

    If HTS does not launch after you initially extracted the file, follow these steps:

    • Open
    • Type in killall mono
    • Double click on again

    Still doesn't work? A restart should help you too.

    If you're still having issues then please reach out to the support team so we can have a closer look at the problem.

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