My Kraken account can trade on margin — why can’t a bot connected to that account trade on margin?

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    asked 2 years ago

    I have a Kraken account that can use margin trading. A bot connected to this account can only buy and sell spot. What's up with this? Is there a way around it? The whole reason I signed up was to use a tradingview bot I programmed that goes both long and short.



    We have never supported Kraken Margin. We've only supported Kraken Spot and Kraken Futures.

    As Stephan has mentioned in his comment below, the API for Kraken Margin is not reliable enough for us to support it.


  • Stephan de Haas mod 2 years ago
    Kraken its API can not be completely trusted. We do support their spot trading, but we do not dare to support their margin trading

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