How to set an account balance to try HaasOnline backtest with your demo server?

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    asked 3 years ago

    I would like to test HaasOnline with your demo server. I want to see if HaasOnline can apply my strategy on BitMEX using a 10x leverage.

    As this is a demo server I cannot link it to my real BitMEX account. So, how can I configure a BitMEX fake account balance amount to do backtesting and play with HaasOnline to test it with your demo server?

    Thanks in advance for your answer. Let me know if you need more details. I'm looking forward to testing with HaasOnline :)



    The demo servers will never allow users to connect real accounts because they are open to the public, which would expose your sensitive data.

    HaasOnline Trade Server has a feature that allows you to simulate an account balance with any of the exchanges that we currently support (full list here). You can find the guide on how to add a simulated accounts and edit funds by following the guide available in our documentation.

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