How do HaasScripts work? Can I try out other traders scripts/bot settings?

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    asked 1 year ago

    Do I need a specific subscription level to do so, or to make it work correctly? Are there predefined bots I can trade with?

    I’d like to know what trading bots are available with HaasOnline. Are there preloaded HaasOnline bots available? Am I able to test out other traders bots that are shared on the HaasScripts website? Or is there something I’m misunderstanding about the platform?

    Also, this may be a separate question (I sort of posted three in one), but will my subscription level affect which trading bots are available? Please fill me in more about how the platform works, or if there is a support/tutorial article I missed, I am happy to review that also. Thank you


    Yes, you can try the current version of HaasOnline TradeServer by using one of our demo servers listed below. You can view the list of bots included on the crypto trade bots page. Your subscription/license does impact features available for a list please refer to the comparison page. You can use community developed scripts from in HaasOnline TradeServer, just be sure to understand how they work before using live.

    Public Servers:


    • Username: showme
    • Password: evolution

    Warning: These are public servers and traffic on the servers can be high. Do NOT use private credentials or personal information on these servers as they're public.

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