How Can I do remote group trading in Binance using Haasonline services?

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    asked 1 year ago

    I have a friend who is a pro trader. I want to know how I can get him an trading access to my Binance account and make him able to trade for me or a group of people? Thanks.



    The Haasonline Trade Server (HTS) only allows for one user account to be setup on the platform. It can however, manage multiple API keys from the same exchange. The number of API keys able to be connected depends on the amount of trades and orders being done per market. Based on our internal testing, we have found that Binance does not allow for more than 5 API keys to be connected to the same IP address (host machine). Some other users have managed to connect more than that, though.

    So, what you can do is:

      Setup a HTS installation
      Give your friend the access to the account you setup on the platform
      Connect the API key(s) you want the person to trade
      Have your friend create the bots that you'd like to use or whichever suits their strategy
      Periodically check and perform maintenance on the server hosting HTS

    You can read more about our platform here.

    If you want to learn about our LUA based scripting language, HaasScript, you can take a look here.

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