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Can Mad Hatter bot resolve an “unknown” trade status response from CoinBase Pro on a partially-filled sell order on a long position?

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    • coinbase
    • mad hatter
    asked 1 week ago

    In the Log panel, it shows "Order has been cancelled. Reason unknown." The Order History panel shows the trade (sell) status is "unkown". However, the Open Positions panel shows the correct amount of remaining BTC in a long position. What appears to have happened is that CoinBase failed to execute all four sell orders needed to fulfill the trade. The orders appear in my CoinBase logs as successful, but the CoinBase portfolio correctly shows that some portion of the BTC is still there. So it is essentially a partially-filled order. Can I assume that my Mad Hatter bot will continue to try to close this long position, even though the Main Chart shows "sell order finished" (red dot)? There is no record of this partially-filled transaction in the Closed Positions panel. I am tempted to allow the Mad Hatter bot to continue to run, and see what happens. But I'd like to know what to expect.

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