• Code to bruteforce crypto scalping pairs via backtesting

    Make sure you have your local API server setup for HaasOnline Trading Server: Link To Wiki

    After that just follow the instructions in the app.. More documentation to come.


    // Sets the start value of the target percentage
    set-config starttargetpercentage Ex. set-config starttargetpercentage 0.1

    // Sets the end value of the target percentage
    set-config endtargetpercentage Ex. set-config endtargetpercentage 1.0

    // Sets the target percentage step for each test
    set-config targetpercentagestep Ex. set-config targetpercentagestep 0.1

    // Sets the safeties start percentage
    set-config startsafetypercentage Ex. set-config startsafetypercentage 0.1

    // Sets the safeties end percentage
    set-config endsafetypercentage Ex. set-config endsafetypercentage 1.0

    // Sets the safeties step value
    set-config safetypercentagestep Ex. set-config safetypercentagestep 0.1

    // Shows all available markets on the exchange

    // Adds a market to test
    add-test-market primarycurrency secondarycurrency Ex. add-test-market BNB BTC

    // Removes a market to test
    remove-test-market primarycurrency secondarycurrency Ex. remove-test-market BNB BTC

    // Starts the backtesting

    Note: Make sure to delete your bot after each run or you will get weird results.

    Note: If you do not already have the market data downloaded the bot might miss some backtest. For new markets open the market view and view as far back has you plan on backtesting.

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    • c#
    • haasapi
    • haasome tools
    • local api
    posted 3 years ago
    submitted by Raynaldo Rivera

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