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Want to earn more Bitcoins, while helping to promote Haasonline Software's products? Well, you are in luck because we offer a comprehensive affiliate program, aimed to help you earn Bitcoins in exchange for boosting our sales. Earn 10% commission for every new sale you generate from promoting Haasbot and get paid in Bitcoins.

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Affiliate Terms and Agreement

In order to become an affiliate, as well as to maintain your affiliate program, you must follow some very simple rules. First, you must not make inaccurate or exaggerated claims about Haasonline Software's products. If you are unsure, you can reference our website for the claims that we make and organize your content accordingly. Secondly, it is highly beneficial to have a website for this affiliate program, as sales are tracked by a unique affiliate link. Having a website is not a pre-requisite for joining our affiliate program, but it is advised. By signing up for our affiliate program, you knowingly understand the rules of the affiliate program and will NOT make inaccurate or exaggerated claims while promoting Haasonline Software's products. We reserve the right to cancel your affiliate program at any time, if we find that you have engaged in unethical marketing techniques, exaggerated claims about our software, black hat marketing techniques, etc. We also reserve the right to change the commission percentage at any time, but in the event of a commission percentage change, we will notify you in advance and pay out based on the commission percentage of sales from when they occured. We also reserve the right to change the Affiliate Terms and Agreement at any time. By creating an affiliate account with Haasonline Software, you fully agree to these terms.

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