The past days we have recieved a lot of suggestions to make trade server just bit better. And we where able to work out some interesting ideas from the users and this is the result of this.

Safety: Static/Fixed Roof-in
This safety will do exactly the reversed of the “Roof-out” safety. So you can set a high price (a prive above the current prices) and you can leave it up to the safety to buy the coins if the current price passes the high price that you have set.

Safety: Dynamic Roof-in
This safety can also be compared to the dynamic roof-out, but again the signal that will be produced is reversed. So instead of a sell signal a buy signal is produced. The biggest advantage of this safety is that its able to correct itself. So in time the roof-in price goes up to and the trading will continue/restore on a higher price level.

Tip: gets those brain juices flowing here… pump and dump?!

Indicator: MA-Histogram
The “MA-Histogram” itself does not exist, this indicator is in fact a MACD indicator that is based on a SMA instead of a EMA. So this means this indicator will produce totally different trade signals at a different momentum. But this is a indicator that can be really interesting compared to the EMA based one.

Insurance: Disable on losses after X trades
This is a new insurance, added on request. With this insurance it becomes possible to evaluate the trade-bot preformance and to shut-down/block automaticly if needed. The idea behind it that you can set a number of trades and after this number the trade-bot must be profitable, if not everything will be blocked to avoid more losses.

Insurance: Never Sell Cheaper
With this insurance it becomes possible to block trades if the sell price is lower then the last buy price. Of course this will not protect you from losses because of the trading fees. But is will just set another minimum line and guard that. This insurance is proven to be very usefull to insure MA -based indicators from (big) losses.

Insurance: Only sell at double fee-costs
With this insurance it becomes possible to replace the fee-overcome insurance. Because with this insurance you can alsmost do the same, however the major difference it that is will only insure the sell trade. (in other words: its perfect for currencies that has a uptrend)

You can expect to see these new safeties/indicators/insurances to be added to the next update (somewhere mid-next week).

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